gin and tonic

Seagrams is never a bad choice -- not the best, but not the worst.

One of my favorite drinks is the classic gin and tonic (check out the history on wikipedia — it’s fascinating that tonic water was originally so bitter than the gin was added to make it more palatable). I’ve been making gin and tonics a lot lately — it’s fun to experiment with different types of gin, different types of tonic, and different ratios of booze to tonic. The trick to a good G&T is lots of lime — at least half a lime per drink.  My approximate “recipe” is listed below.

Gin and Tonic

Fill a short rocks glass half-full of ice (we always buy party ice from the grocery store or gas station). Add a shot of gin (for a stiff drink, use 2 ounces), the juice of half a lime, and tonic water to cover. Garnish with a slice of lime (use a sharp knife and cut a thin slice off of the remaining half). Serve with a short straw.


2 thoughts on “gin and tonic

  1. In my apartment here there are no glasses…I mean, there are like 4oz juice glasses, but they’re too small. I’ve been drinking my G&Ts out of a coffee mug! Plz send straws!

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